portretphotoI was born in Utrecht, the Netherlands, where I started writing my first books at age seven. They never got further than the first chapter. I picked up writing again in 1997. In the meantime I studied history and archive studies, moved to England and the United States, worked as an archivist, had a daughter and a son, and taught children about world religions in our local Unitarian Universalist church.

My children Sara and Thomas were the inspiration for my picture books when they were younger.  When Thomas was still in preschool, I developed a passion for shadow puppetry as a teaching tool and a creative way to visualize stories. During the next ten years I spent a lot of my spare time teaching children in schools and libraries to make puppets and act out stories and myths.

As an archivist I have directed my love for history and the visualization of stories into exhibits and blogs about collections that I worked with. In my private time I am working on a historical novel, set in Amsterdam in 1786-87.

I live with my family in New Jersey.