DutchhatThis is a hat which, folded from simple brown paper, beat all tissue paper flower hats at a competition organized by the Women’s Institute in Devon. The speaker at the meeting, an origami specialist who was acting as judge, described the Dutch Hat on an origami listserve. She was so kind to send me a fuller description and the diagram below.

What you need

  • two sheets of sketch paper of A3 format (16 1/2″x12″ or 42×29.5 cm)
  • scotch tape

How to make it

  1. Attach both sheets at the long ends with Scotch tape and fold the short ends together as shown (the fold is the taped side).fold1
  2. Fold both of these short ends (the “raw edges”) back to the taped fold on both sides as shown.fold2
  3. Open one of the folded halves back, so the fold appears as a vertical line in the middle. Now fold all four points at 45 degrees to that center fold. Each end becomes pointed as shown at 4.fold3
  4. Re-fold in half along the existing crease.fold4
  5. There now is a ‘pocket’ on one side and two edges with a fold in the middle on the other. The hat is almost done, you just need to fold both edges upwards as “wings” (see 6).fold5
  6. Open the hat partially at the pocket to make the pointed ends flat and turn up that end a small way. Repeat at the other end.fold6
  7. There you are, all done!fold7

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