woodshoe1These wooden shoes are made from yellow poster board and can be pulled over shoes or sneakers.

What you need

  • yellow poster board from your local craft store (for size of an 8 year old at least 24″x 13″ or 65x35cm)
  • scotch tape
  • stapler
  • two pieces of thin elastic

How to make them

  1. Make a pattern on newspaper or sketch paper. Download the pattern of the wooden shoe that is 50% reduced. If you xerox this 200% enlarged on A3 paper you get the size for shoe size 5 (US), 4 1/2 (UK), 37 1/2 (Eur.) or 320 (JP). Adapt it for other sizes (try it out on sketch paper or newspaper first.)
    Download the 50% reduced pattern

    Download the pattern (50% reduced)

  2. Trace the pattern onto the yellow poster board. Cut out twice for both feet.
  3. Staple both short ends together for the part behind the heels.
  4. For the pointed end at the toes, do not fold the whole shoe, just the tip. Attach with scotch tape as shown.
  5. Make little holes on either side of the shoes, and pull a piece of elastic band through each (make a little knot at each end or use scotch tape).


How to put them on

Put the cardboard shoes on first, pulling them up a bit before putting on your shoes or sneakers. Now push them down and cover your shoes. The elastic band should be pulled under your heels.

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