You are welcome to use any of these cutouts for shadow puppetry performances at home or in your classroom. Simply print them out on cardstock paper. The color of the paper is not important because any color makes a shadow. If you do not have card stock paper you can print this out on normal paper and trace the cutouts on poster board (black poster board makes the darkest shadow).

sojourner-truth-in-progress-smSojourner Truth.

Coming soon. STAY TUNED!


washingtonsmWashington’s crossing of the Delaware

My last shadow puppetry workshop, which I did with the help of my daughter Sara and my son Thomas, was a reenactment of Washington’s Crossing of the Delaware on Christmas Day, 1776.



Greek myths

A few samples of puppets that I used during various projects with students grade 4-5 acting out stories from Greek mythology.


Wolf with disguises

Wolf stories

A shadow puppet wolf allows children to not only eat Little Red Riding Hood and little goats, but also make them get back out of his stomach. During a workshop for elementary schools grade 1-3 we went through the major fairy tales involving a hungry wolf, as well as the story Peter and the Wolf.



Knights and dragons

Cutouts provided to elementary school students during a shadow puppetry workshop based on an the knight Sir James and his much smarter horse, who liked to rescue princesses.


Troll and bridge

Folk and fairy tales

Puppets that I started out with when doing shadow puppetry shows with young children: Jack and the bean stalk, Goldilocks, and the Billy goats gruff.


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